May 29, 2017

Deep Inside Pichavaram (பிச்சாவரம்): Picture Story

It’s been a week since our small trip to Pichavaram and I am sharing you the picture story of Pichavaram.  Previously I have shared you the details of expenses and others and if you had missed it, read here.

Walking in the shallow waters helping the row men. As you could see the water is not too deep.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Deep inside Pichavaram

Draw a straight line and follow

Boulevard of Broken Dreams 

The Mangrove.... Let's Groove

Crabbing... Not Grabbing

Deep into the forest area

Towards the mangrove

You can see the water level.

Love this picture. She is one hell of a beauty

Water level marks 

She was talking green despite the red hot sun.

And here comes the Empire. Believe That!

Aim and Just Shoot!